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  • Utility Value of a Pay As You Save® Energy Efficiency Program. ACEEE Summer Study on Buildings 2020

  • Pay As You Save® for Chelan PUD

  • U.S. Department of Energy Building Technologies Office

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Products Team

  • Kansas House Energy, Utilities, and Telecom Committee

  • Missouri Investor Owned Utilities and Commission Staff

  • Georgia Power

  • Avista 

  • Idaho Power

  • Chelan Public Utilities District

  • Roanoke Electric Cooperative

  • Ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation 

  • Climate + Energy Project

  • Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change Conference 

  • Western Colorado Alliance 


  • USDA Rural Energy Savings Program Template

  • PAYS® 2-page explainer for Utilities

  • Virginia SB754 PAYS® Opportunity Memo 

  • PAYS® Fact Sheets

  • PAYS® Model Tariffs

  • Model PAYS® Legislation


  • Finalist for 2030 Climate Challenge with Solar United Neighbors, Clean Energy Works, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Resource Media

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Clean Energy Works

  • Resilient Edge 

  • Empower Dataworks

  • Enpira

  • Energy Efficiency Institute 

  • EEtility

  • Roanoke Electric Cooperative

  • Ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation 

  • North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

  • Southern Environmental Law Center

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