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What We Do

1. Lowers cooperative operating costs, increasing coop profit and thus member-owner dividends

  • Economics STATS!!!!!!!!


When coops are in a better financial position, they can return more to their members and invest in more member-centric programs that also improve member-owner experience

2. Improves energy affordability for all member owners and & improves PAYS customer home health and comfort

  • rates go down for everyone, not just those who are participating

  • air sealing and duct sealing from the EE retrofit/weatherization eliminates unhealthy drafts and particulates, improving health and comfort.

  • Rural households experience a disproportionate energy burden but PAYS EE is immediately cash flow positive, lowering energy bill in-the first month

  • rural areas also have above average populations that are at or below the federal poverty level and improving health helps families avoid expensive treatment and hospital and doctor visits

3. Reinvests in rural communities and small towns by training and hiring local workforce

  • These programs support rural economic development

  • These programs also combat brain drain by creating demand for next generation energy efficiency products and services

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Establish ourselves as a non-profit

Establish working partnerships with our partners

Integrate Pearl Certification into EEtility

Convene first Board Meeting

Energy Burden Mapping

In this project, we are compiling all of the energy burden data available on the smallest scale possible to create a nationwide database

Introduce TOB Solar and EV's


Co-op Toolkit

Through this toolkit, we want to give co-ops an easy step-by-step guide, along with all of the information necessary, to implement the PAYS model to successfully retrofit their communities with affordable renewable energy.


Successful LibertyHomes implementation at the Regional Level

  • 50% E​nergy Savings per household serviced

  • Successful LibertyHomes implementation at Co-op Level

  • Convene Conference & Publish Report (Showcase cooperative and municipal LibertyHomes programs to serve as launch pad for expansion into more utilities)

  • Scale EEtility software to more program operators


Cooperative, municipal, and Investor-owned utilities participate in a state supported and locally implemented inclusive clean energy program modeled after the 1940s Victory Gardens Program


LibertyHomes is a White House/Federally endorsed/supported Initiative


50% of US homes are healthy, comfortable, resilient, wealth enhancing, and part of vibrant energy independent communities 


100% US homes are healthy, comfortable, resilient, wealth enhancing, and part of vibrant energy independent communities 


Our Current Projects

Future Goals

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