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6.25.21 - Policy Precedents for Pay As You Save® and Inclusive Utility Investment

The title of this resource includes the more general “Inclusive Utility Investment” term so that the table can also include policies that did not explicitly mention Pay As You Save by name but still enabled Pay As You Save programs e.g., VA SB754. The table is currently organized by the following headings:

  • State - The table is ordered alphabetically by state for ease of use

  • Programs Enabled By Policy - the name(s) of the specific program(s) established on the basis of the listed state policy

  • Date Adopted - the date of adoption, these are ordered chronologically within a state listing,

  • Policy Type - identifies the type of policy, e.g., commission orders, state legislation, state executive orders, and federal or federal public power administration actions

  • Primary Documentation - the key reference number or designation of the policy with a live link to the full underlying documentation

  • Other Programs Enabled Without Policy - names programs established where state level approval was not required

  • Filed Tariffs - provides live links to actual tariff language, where multiple utilities use the identical tariff we provide a link to an example

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