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6.19.20 - City of Minneapolis

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

City of Minneapolis Proposes PAYS® Tariff for CenterPoint

  • One year ago, the City of Minneapolis' partnership with the utilities that serve the city (CenterPoint and Xcel) passed a resolution in their Clean Energy Partnership to pursue an inclusive financing program.

  • On Monday, the City of Minneapolis filed for intervenor status in a general rate case before the Minnesota Public Utility Commission for CenterPoint, a gas utility seeking a 4.5% rate hike.

  • The intention of the City is to propose a PAYS tariff be approved for CenterPoint Energy to offer home energy upgrade services that are specific to insulation and air sealing. The City has circulated to stakeholders a draft overview of its intentions and, perhaps more importantly, the policy basis that is motivating its leadership on this front. See attached.

  • The City will file a proposed tariff on July 15th, a deadline established by the Public Utilities Commission.

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