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10.8.21 - Rappahannock Stakeholder Process & PAYS® Policy Precedents

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

This week: 1) Rappahannock Electric Cooperative updates its tariff development schedule to enable in depth stakeholder input, and 2) An update to our Policy Precedents for Pay As You Save® and Compatible Inclusive Utility Investment Programs document.

Rappahannock Extends Comment Process to Accommodate Stakeholders

In response to comments received, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative in Virginia has revised its program design and model tariff finalization process. The new schedule is:

Oct. 21: Draft tariff made available to stakeholders for review and comment. Nov. 4: Listening session for stakeholder feedback. Nov. 17: Amended tariff reflecting feedback issued for stakeholder review. Dec. 8: The REC Board will vote on a resolution to adopt the final tariff.

The Nov 4 event is an additional stakeholder listening session dedicated to receiving stakeholder feedback on the tariff program design and model tariff. The session will again be facilitated by Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA). During this session stakeholders will be invited to provide feedback and obtain responses directly from REC senior leadership. Interested parties can register here.

Prior stakeholder meeting recordings, presentations, meeting comments, and REC responses from the three previous stakeholder sessions can be accessed via an REC webpage.

LibertyHomes Updates Policy Precedents for Pay As You Save® and Compatible Inclusive Utility Investment Programs

  • State - The table is ordered alphabetically by state for ease of use

  • Programs Enabled By Policy - the name(s) of the specific program(s) established on the basis of the listed state policy

  • Date Adopted - the date of adoption, these are ordered chronologically within a state listing,

  • Policy Type - identifies the type of policy, e.g., commission orders, state legislation, state executive orders, and federal or federal public power administration actions

  • Primary Documentation - the key reference number or designation of the policy with a live link to the full underlying documentation

  • Other Programs Enabled Without Policy - names programs established where state level approval was not required

  • Filed Tariffs - provides live links to actual tariff language, where multiple utilities use the identical tariff we provide a link to an example

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