We Are a 501(c)(3) that believes... 

  • All people have the right to live in safe, affordable, healthy, resilient, energy-efficient, homes

  • The resources needed to realize this vision are readily available

  • And that an expanded Pay As You Save® system for clean energy programs is the best way to “liberate” all Americans wherever they live by 2040

What We Do... 

  • Assist utilities in securing low or no interest capital to invest in PAYS upgrades

  • Provide technical assistance to PAYS Program Operators in order to scale proofs of concept

  • Quantify and document the value of PAYS programs for utilities and customers

  • Unify partners to catalyze a National Program that supports locally implemented utility programs

Our Team


Stephen Bickel

Co-founder | President

Stephen co-founded LibertyHomes so that all families, regardless of income, live in homes and communities that are resilient, safe, healthy, affordable, and energy independent. Stephen brings two decades of experience building residential energy efficiency and product rating and certification programs, with particular attention to crafting solutions informed by behavioral science. Prior to founding LibertyHomes, Stephen was co-owner and Executive Vice President at D+R International.


Jill Ferguson

Co-founder | Vice President

Prior to joining LibertyHomes Jill  was a Truman Fellow at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy where she lead the Rural Research Initiative. She has worked at the US Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy as a solar technology fellow and as a photovoltaic cell researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jill holds a bachelor of science in material science engineering from the University of Virginia.

2020 Fellows


Majid Ahmadi


Majid is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. His work mainly focuses on energy policy and energy innovation. He has also worked for private companies and NGOs including The Greenlink Group and The Urban Labs at the University of Chicago. He has published several publications in journals including IEEE and WIRES Energy & Environment. He is excited to bring his skills to improve diffusion of innovate energy technologies through the lens of behavioral economics.


Alicia Brown


Alicia graduated from Mississippi State University in May of 2020 with a BS in chemical engineering and a minor in political science. As a 2019 Truman Scholar, she is passionate about evidence-based energy policy, and she hopes to leverage her technical background to facilitate communication between policymakers and the scientific community. Her interest in the intersection of engineering and policy led her to intern with the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association and to co-found the Mississippi State chapter of the Climate Reality Project. Following a summer with LibertyHomes, Alicia will begin a Solar Innovation Fellowship with the Mississippi Public Service Commission, where she hopes to contribute to efforts to increase renewable energy development in the state. 


Colin Cool


Colin is a UVA student, class of 2021, majoring in Systems Engineering with a minor in Engineering Business. With an interest in energy, education, and policy, solving the climate change crisis, and a background in analytics, Colin hopes to assist in tackling sustainability issues. By translating data driven results into recommendations, the goal is to produce actions that not only improve business decisions, but also lead to renewable energy communities and universal access and equity to these energy sources.


Cydnie Golson


2019 Fellows


Caroline Boone


Caroline is an MIT student, class of 2021, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in renewable energy development. Through the MIT Terrascope and D-lab programs, Caroline has gained experience working on both climate change adaptation and resilient energy infrastructure in developing and underserved areas. She also is particularly interested in understanding and mitigating the justice issues that arise in the implementation of environmental programs, and hopes to work with LibertyHomes to make sure that every American has access to safe, healthy, and sustainable homes.


Olivia Ercilla Antrobus


Olivia is an Oberlin College graduate, Class of 2019, with a major in Environmental Studies major and minor in Economics. An internship with Zapotec Energy Inc. cemented Olivia’s aspirations to work in the renewable energy field. Olivia has also interned with a start-up eco-magazine and at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Energy and urban planning are her primary fields of interest. She is particularly excited by the potential applications which combine the two. To that end, she is thrilled to be working as a fellow with LibertyHomes.


Brian James


Brian is a 2019 graduate of Oberlin College where he studied Environmental Studies and Biology. After studying sustainable cities abroad, he became more interested in creating sustainable and energy efficient communities, as well as educating people about these topics. He is excited to bring his skills to tackle sustainability issues within the United States and hopes to help communities understand the value of renewable energy retrofits with the goal of creating 100% renewable communities.

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