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LibertyHomes believes that:

  • All people have the right to live in safe, affordable, healthy, resilient, energy-efficient, and energy independent homes and communities,

  • The resources needed to realize this vision are readily available,

  • And that an expanded Pay As You Save® system for clean energy programs is the best way to “liberate” all Americans wherever they live by 2040!

Pay As You Save® (PAYS®):

  • A proven system, developed by the Energy Efficiency Institute Inc., through which utilities can invest in upgrades on the customer- side-of-the-meter for any customer, including renters and LMI, at no upfront cost, removing the need for credit checks or property ownership.

  • The cost-recovery charge on a customer’s bill is substantially less than the estimated savings generated by the upgrade so the customer enjoys immediate positive cash flow.

  • Unlike loan or rebate programs, a PAYS program allows a utility to deliver a range of energy services to hard-to-reach customers including rental, rural, and LMI populations.

  • The PAYS system has proven itself the multi-tool of clean energy program design, capable of delivering a variety of services:  

Community Benefits: 

  • PAYS delivers cost-effective energy upgrades with no upfront cost, no credit check, no personal debt, no loan or lien, and no financial obligations when relocating; 

  • Guarantees that estimated savings will exceed monthly charges by 25% or more

  • Creates more comfortable, safer, healthier, lower utility costs, homes, apartments, buildings,facilities and increased customer asset value

  • Allows prioritization of customers with the highest energy burden and greatest potential to benefit

  • Customers see improved energy affordability (immediate positive cashflow), home health, and comfort with no debt obligation 

  • Every home gets Pearl certification (5% on avg increased value of home)

Utility Benefits: 

  • A transformed utility-customer relationship from transactional to personal by liberating all your customers from energy burdens and poor home health and comfort.

  • Repositioned as an engine of economic prosperity for your community by delivering mass scale home energy upgrades and improvements that inject millions in capital into your local economy and workforce 

  • Secure your place in the energy future by creating distributed energy resources and grid service benefits that strengthen your bottom line, allowing you to defer capital debt obligations and T&D investment.

  • Expand the addressable market to including all customers and earn YOY ROI that exceeds lost sales, program costs, and charge-offs. 

  • Prevent free ridership since customers completely pay for the cost-effective upgrades overtime using their energy savings 

  • Deliver the superior results using proven PAYS Program Operators who consistently achieve >80% take rates    

  • Avoid the complexity and risk of loan programs (PAYS programs have a >99.9% recovery rate) 

What We Do: 

  • LibertyHomes uses the PAYS system to deliver energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand response, and electrification to all Americans through one-touch LibertyHomes Programs

  • We provide technical assistance to PAYS Program Operators in order to develop and scale proofs of concept 

  • We quantify and document the value of PAYS programs for utilities and customers and encourage 3rd party evaluators to provide independent verification   

  • We collaboratively foster a unified vision of a transformed housing sector that will ultimately catalyze a National LibertyHomes Program that supports locally implemented programs in all utilities across the U.S. 

utilities in        states have deployed                   in capital for                  cost-effective upgrades for all customers at no upfront cost, paid for using the savings on-bill all with utility recovery rates exceeding 99.9%. 




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